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Welcome to Biegga

Biegga is based on Google Gmail and gives you more than 7000 megabytes of space, world class web mail, anti spam, email from your mobile phone, calendar and chat.

The Biegga web mail is state-of-the-art. Many finds it more user friendly than email clients as Outlook. Intelligent technology from Google, makes it as easy searching your email messages as searching on the web.

Biegga is completely free aswell for private users as organizations. The purpose of Biegga is to supply you with en powerful email function and a nice email adress. The south sami domain is also available for all Biegga-users.

When you’re feeling ready, click here to create a Biegga-account.

Greetings from the Biegga-team!

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Why Biegga?

• Sámi domain name that suits Sámis from all over Sápmi
• Available in many languages – english, swedish, norwegian, finnish and russian and more (sorry to say, not i Sámi)
• Unparallelled web mail. Take Biegga Mail for a testrun, and you will never want to use anything else.
• Anti spam. Stops spam before it hits your inbox.
• Search your emails. Stop looking for mail. Find it instantly with the search function.
• Lots of space. Currently you’ll get more than 7000 megabytes and the space is continuously growing.
• Mail in your mobile. Use your mobile to send and read mail. Sync calendars, contacts and more.
• Free! Biegga is free!!!!